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I come from the land of ice and snow… A Review of Thor.

May 7, 2011

Hey there Marvel Maniacs,

It’s yours truly once again to discuss all things Marvel. So, I just finished watching the awesomeness that is known as Thor. Best part: even my girlfriend liked it. The movie was amazing. Everything is done with care, tact, and good humour as they bring The God of Thunder to life on the big screen. All the actors are great for their respective roles, and I especially enjoyed Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Of course, Chris Hemsworth as Thor was also great, however, I felt the scenes with Loki to be more rich and in-depth, as they reveal the motives and actions that drive each character to the plot. That being said, Thor is fleshed-out throughly by the end of the movie, as his character is revealed to be truly a god by the end.

I really liked the story, and for anyone who’s never seen or read anything Thor or even Marvel related (for example my girlfriend, except the movies I drag her to) it’s enjoyable and never slow, dull, or boring. Go see this movie now! If you like movies, especially superhero or comic book movies, you will definitely enjoy this one. I won’t ruin any Easter eggs that you fellow Marvel nerds will probably get or find, but make sure you stay till after the credits, as there’s some extra stuff that will surely be a precursor to The Avengers movie planned next year. In closing, is Thor the best Marvel movie yet? My answer: Probably.


Best two issues I’ve read in awhile

April 6, 2011

Here’s the best two issues of Marvel Comics I’ve read in awhile, NUFF said.

1) Future Foundation #1- Great first issue! Loved the writing by Hickman, and Steve Epting is one of my favorite Marvel artists. So, Johnny is dead, and the FF need to move on. Will he stay dead? Who knows, however, for the time being this book looks like it going to be great ride.  Also, the ending to the first issue was a shocker….. check it out now.

2) Avengers # 11- Man, this book has been awesome since issue #1. Love the Bendis/Romita team, and now the Infinity Gems have been in play for the last five or six issues. I don’t get to read as many Marvel titles as I used to, but  I gladly dole out my $3.99 every month for this Marvel title.  In addition, just like the FF book, there is a welcome return of an old “friend” at the end of this issue, I can’t wait to see read more.

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A Weekly Review and Rant

July 27, 2010

Okay, some new developments have come down the Marvel pipeline in the past few days, so I felt it was time for a new entry! Here’s my thoughts on all things Marvel for the week.

1. The Avengers cast. So, they fired Ed Norton and officially hired Mark Ruffalo to play Bruce Banner/Hulk for The Avengers flick. I’m thinking Norton got screwed out of a potential blockbuster, as well as some sweet bragging rights about playing The Hulk for The Avengers movie. Oh well, I’m sure Ruffalo will do a great job, but I don’t really care about who they get at this point.In addition, with Marvel Studios trying to build a universe it doesn’t seem right to keep replacing The Hulk with various actors. Dear Marvel Studios, pick your actors and stay with them! Anyways, check out this picture courtesy of, click the link below to view, It’s going to be epic!

2. ONE MOMENT IN TIME. It’s finally here! Hot off the heels of the GRIM HUNT storyline, Spidey swings into ONE MOMENT IN TIME. The first issue, released last week, was great. I loved the way the writers wove in previous storylines into the recent Spidey saga of BRAND NEW DAY. If you’re not reading Spidey right now, then you shouldn’t be reading comics at all. Okay, I know I sound a little bias, but these stories have been great. I can understand some long-time fanboys getting upset about the continuity changes that have come Spidey’s way since BRAND NEW DAY, but seriously get over it!  These changes have kept AMAZING SPIDERMAN fresh after years of dull and predictable stories. If I stopped reading Marvel Comics all together, this would be the only book I would still read, NUFF SAID!

 That about wraps up this rant. So, until they remake the Electra movie… Make Mine Marvel!

It’s Been Too Long! Random Marvel Thoughts of the Month!

July 12, 2010

Dear Mostly Marvel Readers,

I would like to start this post ( holy s$&* a new post!) by saying I suck! I haven’t been around in a while to write anything new, or share my enlightened thoughts about what’s going on in Marvel Comics for the past month. While I’m here now, so let’s enjoy our time together, shall we?

1. A New Spidey is cast- Meh, who cares? Everyone knows this will be Marvel’s version of the Twilight angst. I’m not going to give up completely, but when the director states that this reboot is going to focus more on the characters and less on the effects I begin to wonder if it’s Spideylight 90210. Urggggggg please don’t let that happen Sony!

2. Grim Hunt – This has been epic! I’ve loved almost every story since Brand New Day was introduced to Amazing Spiderman two years ago, and this story has got to be one of the best so far. The return of Kraven, and others has got me reading the book more than once before I hermetically seal each issue. On a side note, One Moment In Time storyline right after this means Spidey has some great stories through the summer!

3. The Thanos Imperative-Great stuff, can’t wait for issue #2.

4. The Avengers Relaunch-Love it, Romita Jr has never drawn better. It’s good to see Kang back, and the new team assembled.

5.The Red Hulk is revealed- Okay, so it was General Ross, that kinda makes sense. However, Red She-Hulk was Betty, WTF!

6. Spidey/Wolverine Team-Up- Great stuff, loved the first issue. Second Issue please.

7. Nemesis Issue 2- Not sure what to think about the second issue of Nemesis. This book has so much promise, however, I didn’t really care all that much about the second issue. Oh well, it still looks great, and oozes with graphic violence. Who doesn’t like that?

8. No Ed Norton back as Banner- Marvel announced recently that Norton would not be returning for the role of Bruce Banner in the new Avengers flick. I must say, bad move Marvel Studios. Norton brings some street cred to the cast of The Avengers, and was much better than the first Banner, Eric Bana. I thought they were trying to keep the continuity of the Marvel Universe in film? I guess if money involved that can change visions. Still, pretty lame Marvel Studios, pretty lame.

Well, I think that about wraps up this rant on Mostly Marvel. So, until they bring back David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury, make mine Marvel!

The Heroic Age is Here

May 26, 2010


After recently reading the new Avengers title rolled out this past week I declare.. The Heroic Age is here! Marvel reintroduced The Avengers last week under the Heroic Age banner. With the end of the Siege storyline, we get a new look Avengers team, and some previous faces return to the Marvel super team. In the first issue, Steve Rogers gathers a “new” team to make sure the world is safe once again. Drawn by John Romita Jr and written by Brian Michael Bendis, The Avengers has never looked better. This book promises to be a great ride. Check this issue out now, and enjoy.

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Random Marvel Thoughts of the Week

April 15, 2010

 A few things related to Marvel in the news recently.

1. Josh Whedon as confirmed director of The Avengers flick. Apparently, Marvel feels Whedon is the man for the job. I’m not sure that I have Marvel’s confidence. I know that Whedon has an extended resume with Marvel, and has scripted and produced various beloved TV shows (personally, I’m not a fan of Buffy, or the other stuff) but I think it’s a major gamble on the studio’s part. I mean this movie needs to tie in different genres and universes, and I’m worried that Whedon might be over his head. However, before you object with a lengthy list of Whedon’s credentials, I believe he’s only directed one full length movie. Is this a movie Marvel Studios is willing to gamble on? All of the current titles being filmed or developed (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2) are all leading up to this movie. I really hope this movie does well for Marvel, but I wonder if they maybe should have bought in someone more accredited as a director.

2. Ultimate Spidey cartoon for 2011. Well, this makes sense seeing from what I’ve read the Spiderman movie reboot will be roughly based on the Ultimate Spiderman stories. In the end, I couldn’t really care less, but I hope when they redo Spidey on the big screen they don’t bring back Kirsten Dunst.  She was terrible, and no more emo Parker dance scenes, that was painful!

3. Chris Evans as Captain America. I like this casting choice. I think Evans has the acting chops to pull off Cap, and he was the only good part of those dreadful FF movies.  How many things were lame about those movies? I shouldn’t start listing them or I’ll be here all night. Seriously though, good choice for Cap, and I’m excited to see how this movie will look. I’m a big fan of Cap, so don’t let me down Marvel Studios.

Well that ends this rant. Until they bring back Kirsten Dunst in a Spiderman movie, make mine Marvel!