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Really, DC?

August 6, 2011

Okay, so I don’t normally bash DC Comics, but I happened to stumble across a picture of the new Superman movie. Here’s some ramblings!

First off, YAWN. Do we really need another Superman movie about his origins? Seriously, put him to bed already. How many times can they make the same movie?

Secondly, does anyone else think he looks like a cross between a Jersey Shore Guido and Fonzie from Happy Days? The last guy looked better.

Lastly, why can’t they make an interesting Superman movie? I mean the character overall is pretty boring, no internal conflict, so give the fans something new and original. Like Superman vs Batman, that would be fun to watch.

In closing, DC, you suck. All you got is Batman. Also, how was Green Lantern? Oh yeah, it sucked. So, until they make a Dazzler movie, make mine Marvel.

Click HERE to view the lame Superman pic.