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Best two issues I’ve read in awhile

April 6, 2011

Here’s the best two issues of Marvel Comics I’ve read in awhile, NUFF said.

1) Future Foundation #1- Great first issue! Loved the writing by Hickman, and Steve Epting is one of my favorite Marvel artists. So, Johnny is dead, and the FF need to move on. Will he stay dead? Who knows, however, for the time being this book looks like it going to be great ride.  Also, the ending to the first issue was a shocker….. check it out now.

2) Avengers # 11- Man, this book has been awesome since issue #1. Love the Bendis/Romita team, and now the Infinity Gems have been in play for the last five or six issues. I don’t get to read as many Marvel titles as I used to, but  I gladly dole out my $3.99 every month for this Marvel title.  In addition, just like the FF book, there is a welcome return of an old “friend” at the end of this issue, I can’t wait to see read more.

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The Heroic Age is Here

May 26, 2010


After recently reading the new Avengers title rolled out this past week I declare.. The Heroic Age is here! Marvel reintroduced The Avengers last week under the Heroic Age banner. With the end of the Siege storyline, we get a new look Avengers team, and some previous faces return to the Marvel super team. In the first issue, Steve Rogers gathers a “new” team to make sure the world is safe once again. Drawn by John Romita Jr and written by Brian Michael Bendis, The Avengers has never looked better. This book promises to be a great ride. Check this issue out now, and enjoy.

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