The Best There Is.. X-Men First Class movie review.

So, I finally saw X-Men First Class tonight, and I have to say definitely the best of the X-Men movies so far! The story, although nowhere near the storylines of the comics, was entertaining and well scripted . Watching the origins of the founder X-Men members on film was great, and the relationship between Xavier and Magneto was done brilliantly. I liked the retro feel of the movie, as we see old movie reels of the Soviets and President Kennedy throughout the film. The actors did a good job at bringing these larger than life comic book characters to life, especially Micheal Fassbender who plays a younger, tortured Magneto struggling with his thirst for revenge on a villain from his past-Sebastian Shaw played cunningly by Kevin Bacon.

Of course, there are some liberties taken with the characters, stories, and mythos of the beloved X-Men; however, I feel these changes are made for a better movie experience. Really, these movies are always going to stray from the original source material, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyable in their own way. I hope Fox Studios gets their act together for the upcoming Wolverine movie, because so far all the X-Men movies until this recent one were disappointing. *Spoiler Alert* On that note, I thought the Wolverine cameo to be unnecessary seeing Fox Studios is trying to reboot the franchise.

Overall, finally a X-Men movie that all fans can enjoy! So they change the stories and origins of the founder X-Men characters, get over it; it’s just a movie.


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