I come from the land of ice and snow… A Review of Thor.

Hey there Marvel Maniacs,

It’s yours truly once again to discuss all things Marvel. So, I just finished watching the awesomeness that is known as Thor. Best part: even my girlfriend liked it. The movie was amazing. Everything is done with care, tact, and good humour as they bring The God of Thunder to life on the big screen. All the actors are great for their respective roles, and I especially enjoyed Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Of course, Chris Hemsworth as Thor was also great, however, I felt the scenes with Loki to be more rich and in-depth, as they reveal the motives and actions that drive each character to the plot. That being said, Thor is fleshed-out throughly by the end of the movie, as his character is revealed to be truly a god by the end.

I really liked the story, and for anyone who’s never seen or read anything Thor or even Marvel related (for example my girlfriend, except the movies I drag her to) it’s enjoyable and never slow, dull, or boring. Go see this movie now! If you like movies, especially superhero or comic book movies, you will definitely enjoy this one. I won’t ruin any Easter eggs that you fellow Marvel nerds will probably get or find, but make sure you stay till after the credits, as there’s some extra stuff that will surely be a precursor to The Avengers movie planned next year. In closing, is Thor the best Marvel movie yet? My answer: Probably.


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