Random Marvel Thoughts 2011…. so far.

Hello fellow comic book and Marvel lovers,

I hope 2011 has been good too you.. so far that is. I’ve haven’t posted anything on Mostly Marvel in a while, so I figured it was time.

1. Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. Hmmm, interesting choice to play everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. At first I thought this was a lame decision, but after viewing the latest picture of him in the suit, I think he may be better than Tobey Maguire. I haven’t seen The Social Network yet; however, his performance, from what I’ve heard, was great. I’ll hold any further comments until I see some more pics or videos of the yet to be named new Spidey flick. Here’s a pic if you haven’t seen it yet.


2. Thor, Captain America, and X-Men First Class.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all these movies this coming summer. Fox released a picture today of the new X-Men movie. Hard to tell from the picture, but I like that they are finally giving the mutants some costumes, instead of black Matrix leather. Click the link below to view the pic.


  3. The Marvel world of comics. I must admit I’ve limited the amount of comics I’m reading and buying in the last few months. That’s probably why I haven’t posted as much if anything. So right now I’m reading: Amazing Spidey (which has been great), Secret Warriors ( I just want this book to end), Shield (an interesting story and genre than the regular Marvel superhero stuff), Nemesis ( just ended: I loved the art, violence, and freshness of this book), Wolverine ( Goes to hell, great stuff! Logan atones for all his previous sins), and Superior (another Miller gem, and great art by Yu).

After the Siege storyline and crossovers, I began to get tired of some titles, plus it’s really expensive to read so many titles in a month. I stopped reading Thor, Hulk, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Deadpool, and some others. It’s not like they weren’t great books, well some of them at least, but I think I was tired of all the tie-ins, and stories. 

So, that’s my random Marvel thoughts for the month of January 2011. I hope you enjoyed this post, and keep on reading. Until they make a Dazzler movie.. make mine Marvel!


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