Issue of the Month- Amazing Spiderman # 238

With the return of Hobgoblin in this week’s issue of Amazing Spiderman, the debut of the Hobgoblin is bound to generate some new interest. Amazing Spiderman # 238 was released in March 1983, and is a classic spidey book. Drawn by both John Romita Sr and Romita Jr, and scripted by Roger Stern, this book is only going to increase in value. Currently, you can find this book in the range of $50-100 depending on the condition and grade of the book, however, with Hobby making his return to the pages of the Amazing Spiderman this month you can expect an increase in value in the coming months. Get it now and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Issue of the Month- Amazing Spiderman # 238”

  1. Moira Yalaoui Says:

    I am a private person and not acollector but I have the 2 copies The Amazing Spiderman issues 238 & 239 what are they worth ..they are in fair condition

  2. paulvex Says:

    well, like my post states issue # 238 can fetch, in top condition that is, about $100. Issue # 239 is worth considerably less, around $14- 60 depending on condition.

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