An Unfrozen Marvel Fan


Wow, it’s really been 4 months since I posted anything on this amazing bit of time-waster? Well, I guess it has. I feel like Captain America thawed from his icy grave only to awake to a whole new era. Okay, that’s stretching it a bit, but here’s some thoughts on all things Marvel.

1. The End of Brand New Day. Since Amazing Spiderman begun its Brand New Day storyline, I have loved almost every story the Spidey Brain Trust has conceived. Grim Hunt was amazing, Character Assassination was great, One Moment in Time incredible. Sadly, this week we see the end of BND. A new team takes over the beloved wall crawler. Let’s hope it’s as good as the last one.  

2. Images of the Captain America movie. First off, I’d like to say that I’m really looking forward to this one. Not only am I a huge Cap fan, but this movie feels like the lynch pin in the entire Marvel Universe on film. I really hope they get it right and do Cap justice, or the Avengers movie planned post release of Thor and Cap might sink. Let’s hope not.

3. Secret Warriors. Okay, I’ve been reading this book since issue number 1, and I can honestly why am I still reading this book? It was really good at the beginning,but then it kinda lost its steam. Apparently, we’re at the end of the book with the last story arch arriving shortly, however, I’m not sure anything has happened. To be fair, I can’t put it down because I’m waiting for something to happen…… still waiting.  

4. The new Wolverine book. Love It! Jason Aaron is great, and this book has not disappointed. Having Logan in hell to atone for his past sins is an interesting and satisfying read. Keep it coming.

5. Hulk. Meh, I kinda stop caring about Red Hulk, and Green Hulk, and She-Hulk, and Betty Hulk, and Rick Hulk, and everybody Hulk Hulk. Seriously, too many Hulks!

6 Martin Sheen= Uncle Ben!?!. Yeah, Martin Sheen’s been cast as Spidey’s beloved and usually dead, Uncle Ben. Good choice, I’d say. Next, I hope they cast Charlie Sheen as the villainous Hotel Smasher. That would be entertaining and informative.

Well, until the next time, make mine Marvel!


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