War Machine 2.0

Now, here’s a true Marvel fan! I’m not sure if there’s an award for something this cool, but if there is this guy would win it. Thanks to Oddity Central for this gem, and of course the guy who created possibly the best Halloween costume ever. I wonder if he takes orders? Click the link below for the pictures. Also, try to contain yourselves ladies! Okay, who am I kidding? There’s no women reading this.



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5 Responses to “War Machine 2.0”

  1. HeatherL Says:

    Taking nerdy to a whole new level

  2. paulvex Says:

    Yeah, good times. This is a whole other level of nerdom.

  3. thecupcakerogues Says:

    I take offense – you have at least 2 Rogues reading lol. PS Epic costume.

  4. paulvex Says:

    sorry R1, I totally forgot about the Rogues. I agree epic costume ahaha

  5. thecupcakerogues Says:

    Now that is badass! Do you think he’s packing the “Ex-Wife”? Because that would be magical.

    -R2 – Also a chick 😉

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