Random Marvel Thoughts of the Week

Here’s my take on some various Marvel news from the past week. If you don’t agree then comment!

1. Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull. So, Hugo Weaving was officially cast last week to play the Red Skull. Great choice! I think he’s going bring all kinds of evil to the Cap villain. I thought it might be hard to portray a fictional nazi bad guy with a bright red dome, but if anyone can do it it’s Hugo. I’m liking the casting of this movie, Evans as Cap and Hugo as Red Skull. I’m looking forward to seeing this, I’ve always been a huge Captain America fan.

2. My thoughts on Iron Man 2. Okay, so I’m pretty much the last one to write or review this movie. So I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’ll say I was hoping for great things from the sequel and for the most part it delivered. It’s hard to really expand the Marvel Universe in film without losing some of the lead characters. I did really like Nick Fury, and War Machine. On the other hand, I thought that Don Cheadle was kinda soft and wussy as Rhodey. He needed to be more badass! Also, I had a nerdgasm about the scene after the credits. Thor!

3.The End of Siege. So, Marvel wrapped up its final arch of Siege last week. From reading what Bendis is saying this will be the end of the huge crossover storylines that ruled Marvel for the last ten years. I have to say it’s been a great run. House of M, Skrull Invasion, Civil War, and Siege have all been awesome. I was drawn back to comics because of the House of M storyline, and have stayed a dedicated reader since. As The Heroic Age begins for Marvel starting this week with the relaunch of The Avengers, I for one have truly enjoyed what Marvel has given its fans in the last ten years. Thank you for all the great stories Marvel!

So until they recast Captain America as the guy from The Office, make mine Marvel.


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4 Responses to “Random Marvel Thoughts of the Week”

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  2. thecupcakerogues Says:

    I’m really excited about the casting of Weaving as the Red Skull. They chose a great actor, now we just have to hope he looks awesome. Speaking of Weaving, is he too old to play a younger Charles Xavier in the new X-Men New Class movie? Because if I can’t have Patrick Stewart, I think he’d do an admirable job.

    I thought Iron Man was pretty good. I preferred Cheadle to Howards’ Rhodey, but I still didn’t feel like he was the right actor. I enjoyed Mickey Rourke more than I thought I would. His Whiplash really made me want to see Omega Red on screen.


  3. paulvex Says:

    I agree Cheadle wasn’t the right actor, however, he did a decent job. Omega Red would be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Weaving would make a great early Prof X, good call!

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