Top Five Reasons To Like Red Hulk


Since the introduction of Red Hulk into the Marvel Universe there has been plenty of negative thoughts, press, and reviews directed his way. Well, I’m here to tell you the top five reasons to like Red Hulk since his introduction. Before I get started I want to make it clear that Jeph Loeb didn’t pay me to write this post, or had any say in the process. However, if you’re reading this Mr. Loeb please note that I have supported the character since the start, and if you want to throw any sympathy dollars my way for the pain I’ve endured sticking up for you and Red Hulk that would be great. Anyways, let’s begin.

1. He’s not The Incredible Hulk. This is a good thing. After the end of World War Hulk there was nothing more to do with Hulk. He came back, got his revenge, and then got his ass kicked by The Sentry. At the time, it seemed that the chapter on the Incredible Hulk was closed. So, this new Hulk gives us a different take on a gamma infused menace. Red Hulk has different motives, different morals, and a different spin on the familiar. He doesn’t have the same weaknesses like Banner, and isn’t always whining about his lost love to Betty.   

2. Red Hulk is fun. He’s punched The Watcher, beat up Thor, took on Wolverine, and scraped with just about everyone. I’ve loved his antics so far, is there anyone he can’t take down?

3. His appearance has lead to a return of the some of the original Hulk’s best baddies. The re-emergence of The Leader, MODOK, Samson, and various other villains have made both the Hulk and Incredible Hulk books something to enjoy again. I forgot how good these villains are.

4.We still don’t know who he is. I like the fact that Marvel still hasn’t revealed the true identity of the Red Hulk. Of course, I can see how some fans would be right pissed off with the fact that the Hulk relaunch is almost two years in, yet we still don’t know who he is. Personally, it hasn’t bothered me, I’ve enjoyed trying to figure it out. It also adds a level of suspense and surprise usually lacking in The Incredible Hulk books.

5. Artists like McGuiness and Romita Jr. Okay, so everyone hates Loeb’s writing, but how about the art of Red Hulk? The panels have been crisp, vibrant, and fresh. With heavy hitters like McGuiness and Romita Jr. the pages of the Hulk and Incredible Hulk have looked great. Sometimes I just want a colorful light read and the Hulk books have delivered just that. I’m not saying they’re ground-breaking or thought-provoking, but they’re enjoyable when everything else by Marvel Comics can be so serious.

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5 Responses to “Top Five Reasons To Like Red Hulk”

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  2. thecomicsblog Says:

    Interesting article.

    Point #4 is kind of moot at this point because his identity has already been revealed in Hulk #22. Were you able to guess who it was?

  3. paulvex Says:

    Really? I haven’t picked up my issues this week! Sounds like they only hinted though, I’m going now to pick up my issues.

    • paulvex Says:

      Okay I’m totally wrong, it was finally revealed this week in Hulk #22. Alittle late for point #4 , but it was still a great mystery. Oh well, I’ll have to come up with a new point now, the rest still apply.

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