Magneto and Titanuim Man, and Sir Paul!?!

Love this song! Who knew Paul McCartney knew anything about Marvel characters? Maybe he didn’t, and just liked the names of the characters. Either way this song is awesome. It combines my love of Marvel comics with post-Beatles music, especially the cheesy 1970’s Wings. What could be better? Enjoy, I know I did.


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2 Responses to “Magneto and Titanuim Man, and Sir Paul!?!”

  1. katsboyle Says:

    Who says that Wings were cheesy?! I think Paul McCartney would have something to say about you referring to his music in that way. Live and let die, Paul. Live and let die.

  2. Humberto Ogunyemi Says:

    Paul McCartney is a true superstar…both of yesteryear and today!

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