Best Cartoon Theme Song Ever?

Okay, the X-Men’s theme song is a classic. How come they don’t make intros like this anymore? I remember waking up every Saturday morning and memorizing every detail of that week’s episode. Of course, nothing got me more pumped than hearing this kick ass intro before the start of every show. Ahhh childhood. I wish I could play this song on guitar, and then I would open and close with it for every sold out concert I played. Okay, so I don’t play sold out concerts, but you can imagine what that would be like right? Anyways, Enjoy.. I know I did!


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11 Responses to “Best Cartoon Theme Song Ever?”

  1. rjgilliat Says:

    Best song ever, best show ever, best comic series ever…for me anyways. Awesome post

  2. paulvex Says:

    hahah yeah good times

  3. thecupcakerogues Says:


  4. Elroc Says:

    It’s good, but not as good as this

  5. paulvex Says:

    hmm i dont know. It doesn’t have the rocking song, but it does a decent job as an intro; however, i’ll think ill agree to disagree with you.

  6. thecupcakerogues Says:

    I am proud to say the X-Men theme is on my iPod!

    There’s something about those oldschool themes that sticks with you. Part of my abiding memories of watching shows like He-Man, Voltron, X-Men, etc. is the kick ass themes.

  7. HeatherLL Says:

    I rock out to this sometimes

  8. paulvex Says:

    Me too. Sadly, more than sometimes.

  9. thecomicsblog Says:

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind me dropping in and commenting randomly.

    Surprisingly, it wasn’t the music that brought back most of the memories for me. It was that little ‘((In Stereo))’ blurb that always plops up on the beginning.

    Oh, and I have to say that Japan’s version of the theme is just as awesome with, dare I say, even better animation to boot.


  10. paulvex Says:

    hey no worries, that is a awesome intro and blows the North American version out of the water. I wish our show had looked as good as this one. To recap, better intro, better animation, but the song wasn’t as catchy. Do we have a new winner? Thanks for the post!

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