Back Issue of the Week-Thor #337

With production of the Thor movie underway, Beta Ray Bill’s first appearance has seen a price jump in recent weeks.While don’t expect to see this character in the movie slated for a 2011 release date, his appearance in the animated PLANET HULK DVD has made Thor #337 a hot issue. Released in November, 1983, Beta Ray Bill is an interesting and strange character in the Thor Universe. An alien from the Korbinites race, his debut issue entails a great fight scene between himself and the God of Thunder. Created by Walter Simonson, this issue has seen a price jump from $4 to its current value of $10. As we get closer to the release of Thor next year, expect his book and milestone issues such as this one to increase in value. Find it now, and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Back Issue of the Week-Thor #337”

  1. M. Trushinski Says:

    Well Paul, I hate to relate everything back to the comic series I just read, but in The Contest of Champions Thor makes an appearance. He absolutely destroys everyone with little effort at all. Do you know a site where there is a good bio for him? Does he ever lose to anyone?

  2. paulvex Says:

    Haha yeah Thor’s lost a few times, i believe most notably against the Hulk. Overall, Thor is pretty powerful and one of the strongest in the Marvel cannon of characters outside of the galactic beings, he is the God of Thunder after all!
    Good question Matt. Try the Marvel database of characters site, or if you’re looking for just a quick overview there is always Wikipedia. Also, i’m not sure if you’re interested but the Hulk VS DVD is worth a watch. I know its a cartoon, but you get to see Thor vs Hulk, and Hulk vs Wolverine. I know its a cartoon and i’m a giant kid/nerd, but i recommend it.

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