Wolverine Origins 2 Update


So its looks like we’re going to see a sequel to the mediocre first installment of Wolverine: Origins. After watching the last one, it felt like it was time to give up and let go of the X-Men movie franchise. As a fanboy of Marvel it was a little disappointing watching the changes made throughout the entire X-Men movie series. Alas, Hugh Jackman seems to feel that the script currently being developed by FOX Studios will be the best in the series. It seems to follow Wolverine’s origins through Japan. This classic story pencilled by Frank Miller is considered one of Wolverine’s best character driven pieces. I hope that they get it right this time and redeem the series and characters that all Marvel Comics’ geeks know and truly love. If the Iron Man movie has taught us anything it’s if you stay true to the story and characters the audience will embrace it.. or you end up making crap like Superman Returns. Check out the link for further info.



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8 Responses to “Wolverine Origins 2 Update”

  1. thearis Says:

    Not being a huge fan of comics (yet), I thought that Wolverine: Origins was alright. Hopefully the second one will be even better, and do the comics justice.

    As a starting point, what would you suggest for a complete comics noob? I’m eager to learn, but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds catching up on backstories. I’m quite sure that they sell collections, but I’m not really sure what to start of with. Any pointers?

  2. paulvex Says:

    Hi thearis, good question! it all depends on what character or title you’re interested in. My suggestion would be to start with some early Spiderman or early X-Men. You can pick up black and white collections that don’t cost an arm and a leg to start your education. Of course, there are also the full color collections but generally they are alot more money! I guess you have to decide what characters interest you, I would suggest the Wolverine Japan storyline, as mentioned above. Great read and i’m sure you could find it cheap as a collection. Hope this helps, and hope you continue to read MOSTLY MARVEL

  3. thearis Says:

    Cheers Paul! I’m actually a huge Batman fan (the character, not the comics, as you can probably guess), but I’ll probably take you up on the Spiderman idea. I’ll keep an eye out.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll keep an eye on yours, for sure.

    All the best,


  4. g33ky monk3y Says:

    thearis – Frank Miller also did an amazing run with Daredevil, completely reinventing the character. That story was what got me back into reading comics again. Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America has been awesome. I read just about anything that man writes. Most everything Marvel puts out can be found in trade paperback form at this point.

  5. g33ky monk3y Says:

    I don’t mind the X-Men movie franchise so much. I take it for what it is. Also, Fox tends to ruin most comic adaptations anyway.

    The way I approach the X movies is the same way I read Marvel’s Ultimate books: it’s just another way to tell the story. Some story elements they need to change for the movies anyway, since characters like Logan have connections to Captain America, Black Widow, even Spider-Man to a certain degree (Sabertooth was introduced as a Spidey villain).

    My rating for the movies: X2, X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men 3. I hate X3.

  6. paulvex Says:

    didn’t sabertooth make his first apperance in Iron Fist? i agree you have to take the movies with a grain of salt, but that doesnt mean the changes they made still don’t suck. I agree with the Brubaker stuff, esp his run on Daredevil a couple of years ago. Putting Daredevil in prison was awesome!

  7. cupcakerogues Says:

    We like your style, paulvex. Hopefully they won’t make Mariko have a secret sister named Storm or anything ridiculous like that.

    And hopefully no 3-D. Let’s not go there, Fox.

  8. paulvex Says:

    hey thanks cupcakerogues! i agree no lame changes and no 3-D, not every movie has to be 3-D now

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