Mark Miller and Steve McNiven’s new book is out now! Legendary Marvel Comic team, Miller and McNiven, bring an exciting, ultra-violent, spin on the dreary and expected comic book super-villain. Published on Marvel’s sister company, Icon, this book “makes KICK-ASS look like s#!t”. Pick this comic up NOW!

I rate this book: 9/10. This book has it all: Great art on every panel, not-for-kids’ content, flowing dialogue, and an interesting lead super-villain character. This comic could be an early candidate for best new book of the year.

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6 Responses to “NEMESIS- Review”

  1. g33ky monk3y Says:

    I really enjoyed this book too, but still had issues with moments. The airplane scene for one. We’re under the impression that Nemesis doesn’t have powers, but without any gadgets he’s walking on an airplane. Then when it crashes, it looks like this horrible wreck – but he’s fine. I just wanted a little more explanation in this more realistic world that Millar and McNiven created.

  2. paulvex Says:

    haha yeah good call on the airplane scene, i never really thought about that. Maybe we’ll get some explanation later on in the series, probably not though. Who knows, maybe he does have some powers and their going to reveal that later. Overall, i love where this book seems to be going, but that could change. I feel that Millar and McViven can do no wrong. Did you read Old Man Logan?

  3. g33ky monk3y Says:

    Because of the airplane scene, I think there might be a few guys in the Nemesis suit – but perhaps not. Yes, I read OML… it was okay. My main grief with that one is it was a future Wolverine story, in the middle of his normal ongoing. It felt out of place. If they wanted to tell a future Wolverine tale, they should have used Marvel Knights – since the OML future has never been seen before and most likely will never be seen again. As a story, I loved it even if it was the basic storyline from Wanted. As part of normal continuity, Old Man Logan sucks and doesn’t fit.

  4. paulvex Says:

    okay fair enough, i tend to not worry about stories fitting together in the grand scheme of things. i mean some of these characters have been around for 40 years plus, its hard to reference everything that happens many years ago and keep it fresh and not date the characters, it must be really hard! i like hearing other views on such titles like OML, its too bad you didnt enjoy it that much

  5. g33ky monk3y Says:

    Well, I did really like it. I thought it was a great stand alone story for Logan. I just don’t like how it was told in the ongoing monthly title. They went from “Get Mystique!” (one of the best arcs in a while) straight into “Old Man Logan” with no explanation to the future setting. And when it wrapped, it went back to two or three filler issues (again not explanation to the time shift) until it switched to Dark Wolverine. Yeah, don’t get me wrong: I actually loved OML.

    This is getting so far off the Nemesis topic, sorry.

  6. paulvex Says:

    haha that’s okay i love talking comics and storylines. I agree with the jumping around on the title, as now’s its Dark Wolverine. I’d be angry if I cared more, but there are far bettter titles out there than Wolverine’s. Even Wolverine’s Origins has been a better read recently.

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